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Chixx Clique - charismatic, talented and attractive women who draw their unique power from their cultural background and characteristic diversity.

The Clique is an alliance of diverse women from all professions who share their love of art and performance.

For 10 years now, the international group has been constantly reinventing itself through attraction alone - and under the direction of choreographer and dancer Gabriela Gottschalk.

Gabriela Gottschalk looks back on a 20-year career in the music industry as an artist, choreographer and director on and behind the stage, as well as all productions (TV & fashion shows).

The creation of this ensemble is part of her personality and reflects her playful yet confident nature.

The artist network Chixx Clique stands for an independently functioning community of women who see themselves as a unit of very different personalities. The basis of this formation is friendship, which offers a lot of freedom for the individual members of the ensemble.


We produce, choreograph and live out our artistic pulse by skillfully using allure and charm, head and class. Dance, acting, singing, costume design and multimedia are our tools.

Through these and many other different forms of presentation, we turn every event into an unforgettable entertainment experience. We deal with content and transform themes into productions.

We slip into every role and draw on a wealth of experience in various disciplines of artistic expression. Interaction and communication between guests and artists are always important to us.

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In 2004, Gabriela Gottschalk founded the female ensemble ChixxClique: a tribute to women who express their femininity in the most diverse ways and live it out in their artistic existence.

She still leads this collective of artists today. Her productions focus on the crossover idea of mixing and combining different genres of art in order to bring the diversity of the underground scene to artistic and sometimes commercial visibility.

Christelle Gilles has been Gabriela's right-hand woman in the clique, choreographer and costume designer since 2009.

Achan Malonda joined the family in 2010 and was encouraged to sing chansons and perform “the free artistic way”.

Fernanda Brandao is Gabriela's founding sister and stage partner in the Latin pop band Hot Banditoz.

Another branch has emerged from this collective of female artists: A creative pool called Popzirkus, in which artists of all kinds and genres work together (artists, singers, musicians, stylists, etc.).

Founding members 2004 - 2024 were Fernanda Brandao, Mieke Tasch, Tanya Zeran and Lena Scheuermann.

They were joined by Bianca Sommer, Marianna and Iveta Mukuchyan, Natalie Strauss, Shikiko, Josefina Bucaj, Janett Berg, Maike Mohr, Wendy Kesicki, Bintou - in Heart 4ever, Sophia Schildt, Maya Oei, Melanie Graml, Julie Piquet, Sarah Lasaki, Melissa O Neil, Evelyn da Lima, Jada, Viktoria Greif, Lara Binder, Josephine Radke, Olivia Higurashi, Olivia Arkhurst, La Rubinia, Foxic Poison.Working for the Chixx Clique were Alina & Emilja, Nina, Viola Vixxen, Kirsten Neuwerk, Oceana, Marie Scherzer, Ramona Helder, Maria Einfeldt, Theresa Hoerl, Helena Goldt, Bella Donna.

A sisterhood that is able to present itself in a wide variety of constellations in the spirit of women, the community and as individuals.

“A woman's real strength is her weaknesses”- Gabriela Gottschalk

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